History of (911) in Robertson County

Prior to the establishment of the Robertson County Emergency Communications District (E911), all emergency calls to the Police, Sheriff, EMS, EMA and Fire Departments, were placed directly to the agency. The residents of Robertson County had to look up each number in the phone book the call the individual agency needed.

Below is a quick overview of how the Robertson County Emergency Communications District began and who was involved.

The Robertson County Board of Commissioners on September 16, 1986 asked the Robertson County Election Commission to submit to voters of Robertson County for the general election on November 4th 1986 to vote either:
a. “For the emergency communications district”
b. “Against the emergency communications district”

The referendum passed which created the Robertson County Emergency Communications District (E-911).

January 19th 1987, the Robertson County Emergency Communications District is established and the Board of Directors are appointed. The first RCECD Board included the following people:

Zone 1-Districts 1 & 8       David Lee Thompson
Zone 2-Districts 2 & 3       Stanley McAfee
Zone 3-Districts 4 & 5       Russell Sheddon Jr.
Zone 4-Districts 6 & 7       Robert J Clardy
Zone 5-Districts 9 & 10     Art K Garrett
Zone 6-Districts 11 & 12    H C Green
At-Large                              W I Jones

March 20th 1987, the telephone surcharge was set for residential phone lines at $0.44 and the business lines at $1.33 per line. This money would go to the personnel needed to perform the addressing duties of the entire county, purchase equipment to implement the new 911 systems, dispatch systems, and (PSAP) Public Safety Answering Point and the new Enhanced 911. All of the above mentioned will decrease the response time of emergency personnel and help save lives in Robertson County.

August 17th 1987, the County Commission pass a resolution to authorize a numbering system for buildings and home structures county wide. This coordinated the address between the Planning Commission, Highway Department/City Streets Departments and the US Postal Service.

May 11th 1989, the Robertson County Emergency Communications District increases the telephone surcharge to $ 0.65 per residential line and $2.00 per commercial line. This was current with the Tennessee State Law in 1989.

December 15th 1989, was the actual date that E-911 was in operation and was located at 203 Central Ave. (the Springfield Fire Department) in Springfield, TN.

1991, the dispatching was moved to 1305 Hill St (Robertson County EMS) in Springfield, TN.

July 26th 2010, saw the first 911 call answered in the new City of Springfield-Robertson County Emergency Communications Center.

September 16th 2010, was the official grand opening of the new center.

November 22nd 2013, 911 Center Director Elvis Wilson retires after over 30 years of service in Public Safety.

May 1st 2014, Hope Petersen takes the reins as the new 911 Director.

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